RHA - Open Studio - A Conversation on Drawing

A two-day group exhibition with over 60 artists and performance by Lee Welch in Dublin's Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) life-drawing room. Thanks to Coin Martin for facilitating and to all the artists who generously gave their work for the show. Ideas abound around the concepts of drawing, drawing as a thinking tool, drawing to communicate, drawing as a physical act, drawing as writing, drawing to familiarise yourself, drawings relationship to material, performative drawing in space, contemplative drawing encounters and drawing that reframes a space

Screened in IMMA as Artist Response to architect and designer Eileen Gray. She was obsessional about light and her privacy. Strangely Familiar Shades of Gray explores aspects of light/dark and private/public in her iconic house E1027. Strangely Familiar Shades of Gray compares E1027 to a camera where light and privacy play out in this film of that extraordinary space.